Custom Pumping Systems for an OEM Mulch Colorant Manufacturer

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Custom Pumping Solutions for an OEM Mulch Colorant Manufacturer
Custom Pumping Solutions for an OEM Mulch Colorant Manufacturer

An OEM of mulch colorant dispensing equipment needed a company with the experience and capabilities to design a custom process system for colorant dispensing that would fit their size and budget restrictions without sacrificing quality. Fischer Process Industries was commissioned to perform all of the required work, including concept design, component supply, and fabrication of a custom skid. Our engineers provided innovative solutions for a standard and a mini system, incorporating peristaltic pumps, controllers, control panels, valves and manifolds. The assembly was constructed and thoroughly tested with leak and pressure testing methods to ensure integrity and quality. This processing system is used in mobile mulch colorant dispensing units, purchased by large commercial landscaping contractors. We supply 50 Custom Pumping Systems per year to the customer, shipping to their Cleveland, OH facility.

For more about this FPI custom peristaltic pumping and control systems, or the other capabilities available for providing custom fluid processing solutions and components please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Highlights of this Custom OEM Mulch Colorant Pump System Project

Project Scope
Providing custom colorant dispensing systems consisting of peristaltic pumps, controllers, control panels, valves, and manifolds all built on a fabricated skid assembly.
Product Description
These systems are used in mobile mulch colorant dispensing systems, which are sold to large commercial landscaping contractors.
Custom Pumping Systems Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Concept Design
  • Production/Fabrication
Skid Assembly
Material Worked With
Two systems Standard and Mini:
Controller and Control Panel
Fabricated Skids
Valves and Manifolds
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Leak Testing, Pressure Testing
Documentation Supplied
Dimensional Drawings and Operations Manuals
Industry for Use
Colorant/Mulch Manufacturing
50 Systems per Year
Cleveland, OH
Standards Met
Customer Specifications - Cost and Space Requirements
Product Name
FPI Custom Peristaltic Pumping and Control Systems

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