Management Program of Pumping Components

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Management Program of Pumping Components
Management Program of Pumping Components

For the past 5 years and counting, Fischer Process Industries has enjoyed an ongoing contract relationship with a customer in the food and beverage industry, providing business management solutions including maintenance, repair, and field service functions. We are also their prime supplier of fluid equipment for the processing of concentrated flavorings including process sanitary ECB lobe pumps, sanitary valves, AODD and centrifugal pumps, gauges, ball valves, solenoid valve misers, and seal-less pumps, all meeting the stringent sanitary standards and requirements of 3A, the FDA, and European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG).

To continually meet customer goals for improved cost monitoring, cost reductions, and improved efficiency we have implemented product standardization methods, proper equipment selection for particular processes, and the practice of rotating equipment for longer life and seamless maintenance. We provide staff training on equipment maintenance techniques and proper equipment applications. Operations manuals and dimensional drawings are provided on an as needed basis. For more information about the management program profiled here, or the other value added services and capabilities we offer please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Highlights of this Inventory Management Program

Project Scope
Continual monitoring and push toward improved efficiencies for cost reductions
Supply Management Services
  • Prime supplier of process sanitary pumps, gauges, solenoid valves, sanitary valves, and actuation.
  • Collaborate and assist with proper equipment selections.
  • Providing service and repair of rotating equipment on and off site.
  • Standardization of products
  • Train maintenance staff on the proper use and application of equipment.
Material Worked With
Concentrated Flavorings
Sanitary Valves
Sanitary ECP Lobe
AODD & Centrifugal Pumps
Ball Valves
Solenoid Valve Mixers
Seal-Less Pumps
Documentation Supplied
As needed Dimensional Drawings and Operations Manuals
Industry for Use
Project Timeframe
5 Years and Ongoing
Cincinnati, Ohio
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
  • Cost Monitoring, On-Time Delivery, Cost Reductions, Product Standardization
Product Name
Management Solution - Service, Repair, and Field Service

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