Service & Repair of all Rotation Equipment for an Indiana Ethanol Plant

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Service & Repair of Rotational Equipment at an Ethanol Plant
Service & Repair of Rotational Equipment at an Ethanol Plant

After providing a customer in the oil and gas industry with a workable solution regarding a shear pump application, Fischer Process Industries was contracted as their primary supplier of pumps, as well as hired for valve repair and service. Our excellent service, product solutions, and rapid turnaround times led to an expanded service agreement, and for the last 5 years we have been handling of all the customers' rotation equipment service and repair, as well applications engineering and engineering support responsibilities.

In order to effectively serve this customer, we performed a complete rotating equipment audit, analyzing the pumps, mixers, and blowers throughout their Central Indiana facility. A standardization program was developed and implemented to improve equipment reliability (MTBF protocols), cost reductions, ease of maintenance, and improved efficiencies. Equipment we supply this customer include gear pumps, ANSI pumps, AODD pumps, ball valves, ECP lobe pumps, trash pumps, agitators, and mixers for the effective handling of materials including ethanol's, solvents, and oil and gas products. We also provide training, dimensional drawings, and operation manuals when needed. For more about our service repair functionalities as well as our full process systems capabilities please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Highlights of this Ethanol Plant Service and Repair Project

Project Scope
Acting as primary supplier of pump, valve service and repair for the plant.
We are the go to guys for pumps, valves, mixers for all their process needs as well as providing on-site service for this high demand customer requiring quick response, good quality and meeting short time frames.
Plant Service & Repair Capabilities Applied/Processes
Did a complete rotating equipment audit, including pump, mixers, and blowers of their facility.
Developed a standardization program to improve mean time between failures, cost reductions, ease of maintenance and improved efficiencies.

Application Engineering
Engineering Support - Training
Material Worked With
Gas & Oil Products, Ethanol, Solvents
Products Supplied
Gear Pumps
ANSI Pumps
AODD Pumps
Ball Valves
ECP Lobe Pumps
Trash Pumps
Documentation Supplied
Dimensional Drawings and Operations Manuals as needed
Industry for Use
Oil & Gas
Project Timeframe
Ongoing for Over Five Years
Delivery Location
Central Indiana
Standards Met
Customer Safety Requirements
All Industry Regulatory Requirements
Product Name
Service and Repair of all Rotation Equipment

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