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Steam & Energy Consultant
Steam & Energy Consultant

In manufacturing, sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees. Resources are spent fixing equipment and process problems as well as maintaining quality ouput, but many times, cost savings opportunities exist that may not be easily identified that affect the companies' bottom line. The steam and energy your company uses may be one of those missed opportunities. Fischer Process Industries' Steam & Energy Consulting team can assess your steam generation to discover the sources of steam loss and its associated costs. We will then recommend a complete optimization plan to reduce or eliminate those losses and present a comprehensive ROI pay-back to your company.

We pride ourselves on evaluating your current steam generation installation quickly, identifying those losses, and designing optimization strategies to address them, always keeping in mind your business’s need for minimal disruption. We have been helping companies for over 60 years in providing troubleshooting and engineered liquid-handling equipment and solutions for their process problems. We know the landscape, we know your processes, and we understand your industry.

Our steam & energy consultants and process engineers have extensive knowledge in their field, and at least ten years of experience actually working in that field. These experts have successfully applied steam optimization strategies for small single-plant operations to large Fortune 500 companies, facilitating many energy and process assessments and workshops in this region.

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Steam & Energy Consulting Case Study

A major industrial health and Beauty manufacturer engaged Fischer Process Industries Steam and Energy Consulting team to assist with the design, procurement, and implementation of a cooling system for their process.

Fischer provided the product and, in conjunction with the customer, designed a system that will improve the performance of their process. We provided the installation of a plate and frame cooler, control system, and isolation valves. By turnkeying this project it was completed in less than a week and saved 60% given conventional project management. Fischer provided a process specialist to oversee all aspects of the project from design to start-up. Given these results we will be engaging in two more projects to improve the performance of their steam tracing and process water heating system.

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