MRO Business Management Solution for an Ohio Paints and Coatings Plant

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MRO Business Management Solution for an Ohio Paints and Coatings Plant
MRO Business Management Solution for an Ohio Paints and Coatings Plant

Fischer Process Industries provides ongoing business management solutions for a paints and coatings manufacturing plant; efficiently handling maintenance, repair, and operational responsibilities. This client is continually seeking to reduce costs to stay competitive in a demanding marketplace. To effectively manage the two large paint and resin plant storerooms, we utilize a consignment inventory agreement, which has no inventory carrying costs to the customer and allows for shared inventory between plants, as well as a streamlining of resources. Emergency priority items are always on hand, and maintenance requirements are easily facilitated. We have developed a standardization process, performing planned system and inventory upgrades for increased efficiency. Approximately $250,000 in inventory is managed annually for this client. Components we manage and supply include solenoid valves, ball valves, actuators, gauges, brackets, and couplings. We also provide evaluations for proper equipment and process pairings, as well as service and maintenance trainings to employees.

We are committed to customer satisfaction; our corporate progress is measured by how well we meet customer needs. We strive to continually add value and provide excellent service and products at affordable rates. For more information about our business management solutions capabilities or our premium fluid equipment and process systems please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Highlights of this MRO Business Management Solution Project

Project Scope
Continual monitoring and push toward improved efficiencies for cost reductions Manage the process gauges, solenoid valves, ball valves and actuation portion of a two large paints/resins plant storerooms, by providing consigned inventory.
Business Management Solution Capabilities Applied/Processes
Consignment Inventory Management

Developed Standardization Process
System and Inventory Upgrades
Service and Maintenance Training
Material Worked With
Ball Valves
Solenoid Valves
  • No Inventory carrying cost
  • Allows better response to maintenance requirements by having product on the shelf.
  • We deliver and stock the shelves at the facility
  • We can direct capital work to use what they have on hand
  • Shared inventory available to both plants
  • Emergency priority items are on hand
  • Having individual components Valve, Actuator, and Brackets on hand
  • Proper product selection and application assistance for proper process selection assuring the right product for the right service
Documentation Supplied
As needed Dimensional Drawings and Operations Manuals
Industry for Use
Paints and Coatings
Managing Roughly $250,000 in Inventory per Year
Long Term Relationship
Circleville and Delaware
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
  • Cost Monitoring, On-Time Delivery, Cost Reductions, Product Standardization
Product Name
MRO Business Management Solution

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